Acting Career Specialties

Acting Career Specialties


Comedic actors use elements of technique and timing to showcase humor in their characters' actions. Comedic actors can work in sitcoms, romantic comedy films, general comedy films, commercials, and other humorous productions.


Commercial actors employ techniques such as cue card reading, improvisation, reaction, and product handling to represent corporations, products, and services in television advertisements.


Actors in dramas portray solemn characters in movies, television series, theatre performances, and other works often focusing on serious social, political, or religious issues.


Film actors concentrate on feature-length performances usually of a comedic or dramatic nature.


Mimes use silent expression to show their characters' feelings and activities through motivated movement, or form.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre actors must combine elements of acting, singing, and dancing for a stage performance. Some musical theatre productions contain both song and spoken dialogue, while others rely solely upon songs.


Period actors are charged with developing credible characters representing the different social, economic, and political climates of different eras.


Television actors perform in sitcoms and drama series that generally air during prime time hours, as well as in daytime programs such as soap operas.


Actors in the theatre embrace techniques of comedy, drama, period, and musical theatre acting to execute a stage production.

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