Houston Healthcare Careers

Houston Healthcare Careers

Healthcare in Houston has had a long and varied history. In 1965, Harris County had the highest rate of polio in the nation. The outbreak was so severe that the area was selected as a test site for an antibody rich-blood product called gamma globulin. Experts hoped gamma globulin would serve as a preventive measure against the deadly disease.

Eventually, the groundbreaking study led to the development of the Salk vaccine, and later the eradication of polio from most countries in the world.

What's next? A vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS? The cure for Cancer? The end of Diabetes? Many medical experts believe that with enough focus, funding, and highly skilled workers, medical research can lead to the end of most major health problems in the next 30 years.

Changes, some of them sweeping, await Houston and the nation as health care reform measures take hold. The health care industry, including doctors, nurses, insurance agents, home health aides, and allied health care workers, accounts for one-sixth of the U.S. economy, making it the largest industrial sector in the United States.

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